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Rotis, Naans, Parathas at Rotiraaj Foods !

The Indian Bread

The most promising sub-sectors include Homemade Indian breads (Chapatti, Paratha, Bhakhri etc.) Fresh juice bottling, Confectionery manufacture, Frozen foods, aquaculture, Grain-milling and grain-based products, Meat and poultry processing, Grated coconut, Dairy products, Tomato paste, Fast-food, Ready-to-eat breakfast, Natural Food additives, Overseas flavors etc.

The Indian food market is estimated at $200 billion. Food processing industry in India is growing at 15% annum. The total food production in India is likely to double in the next ten years and there is an opportunity for large investments in food and food processing technologies especially in areas of canning, dairy and food processing, specialty processing, packaging, frozen food or refrigeration and thermo Processing. Fruits & vegetables, fisheries, milk & milk products, meat & poultry, packaged or convenience foods, alcoholic beverages & soft drinks and grains are important sub-sectors of the food processing industry. Health food and its supplements like wheat based Chapatti is another rapidly rising segment of this industry which is gaining vast popularity amongst the health conscious. Coming to the snack food sector, application of modern technology has helped in enriching the quality of produce. It has tremendous growth opportunities in the country. Growing population, rapid urbanization, changing consumer preferences etc. are expected to keep the demand increasing in future too. With a well-integrated supply chain and a good marketing strategy, a tremendous opportunity lies for Healthy food industry in India. Chapatti is well known basic food for all types of men and women in the society. It is used as food much more in India as well as throughout the world. Basic ingredient of chapatti is Atta, Oil and water. Shelf-life of the product also depends upon the process &packaging. It is used as basic food in every home of the country. Handmade chapatti making plant is profoundly lucrative business with splendid market potential as well as bright future. Consumption and demand is directly related to the much more urbanization & domestic need. As there is an increase of processed food market, hence its use is proportionally in creating good market demand

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A variety of delicacies on offer

RotiRaaj Highlights

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RotiRaaj Food Items

  1. Bhakhri / Fulka
  2. Poranpoli
  3. Paratha
  4. Malabar Paratha
  5. Thepla
  6. Thaali peeth
  7. Kulcha
  8. Idli/Dosa batter
  9. Pizza & Frankie Rolls
  10. Grated Coconut
  11. Vegetables & Fruits (Farm Fresh)
  12. Low cal. Rice & other grains
  13. Sweet & Snacks items
  14. American, Mexican & Chinese Other food items
  15. Bakery, Dairy & Poultry products

Roti RAAJ ……Feeding Fresh!

  • Always offered Fresh
  • Hot, Healthy & Hygienic
  • Quality food at low price
  • Daily Retail & Wholesale vending
  • Free delivery for min. 500 Roti & more
  • Pure Ghee/Oil based handmade tasty Roti
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